Beat Stress and Avoid Burnout: Build Your ARSENAL


I want to talk a little bit about burnout and coping with stress. I see this a lot in my coaching practice working with senior leaders.

As a rule, they’re very successful, they’ve moved up the ladder in their organizations, running huge operations of hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars in revenue a year. They deal continuously with employee issues, legal battles, and competing in the market.

These people are usually Type-A. They’re ambitious. And they’ve accumulated what I call the “accoutrements of success” along the way: the house, the nice cars, the kids going to the top schools and colleges, the vacation house, nice trips when they can, and making other investments.

Ironically, what happens is that that success becomes a burden. They have to keep advancing in order to sustain the success lifestyle that they’ve built up for themselves. A friend of mine worked for one of the top consulting firms in the country and he related that exact story to me. Getting so caught up in success that and instead of generate happiness that success generates stress!

So in an effort to help these leaders work through these very significant challenges because stress impacts not only their ability to perform on the job, but it also impacts their relationships and their health.

A good friend of mine Dr. Dick Thompson—at one time he was a US Army’s foremost expert on battlefield stress—came up with an acronym that he calls ARSENAL. ARSENAL stands for:

– A is for Awareness
– R is for rest
– S is for support
– E is for exercise
– N is for nutrition
– A is for attitude
– L stand for learning

What I’d like to do is go over each element of the ARSENAL so that you can learn a little bit about what you can do to help deal with stress and cope with burnout. Something that happens to a lot of senior leaders and people in general in today’s workforce.

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