Beat Stress and Avoid Burnout: Build Your ARSENAL

I want to talk a little bit about burnout and coping with stress. I see this a lot in my coaching practice working with senior leaders. As a rule, they’re very successful, they’ve moved up the ladder in their organizations, running huge operations of hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars in revenue a…

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Leadership Mastery: Developing Your Feel for Leadership

Leadership mastery. Has a nice sound to it doesn’t it? I starting thinking seriously about leadership mastery as I was coming along in my Air Force career. Along the way, I had the opportunity to attend a variety of different professional military schools. One of them in particular was the Naval War College. As a…

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Leading Change? It Takes Discipline, Perseverance, Grit, and Determination

Let’s talk about these “old-fashioned” words called discipline, perseverance, grit, and determination. Those words, when it comes to leading change, are really going to determine whether you succeed or fail. Whether the change initiative is implemented and successful, whether it’s partially implemented, or it just goes by the wayside altogether. In a previous video on…

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Answer These 5 Questions to Create a Winning Strategy

What’s the best way to create a strategy? When I work with clients we focus on five questions. That’s right, answering just five simple questions: Who are we? That gets to the notion of identity and plugs into your purpose. Who you are is the basis of your culture and the foundation upon which everything…

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