Looking to create a unique meeting experience that will inspire your audience to break through performance barriers? Joe Scherrer will energize your team with hard-hitting stories, no-nonsense insights, useful tools, and interactive exercises in order to elevate effectiveness, build trust, and increase engagement.

A leadership expert who brings nearly 30 years of experience to bear on today’s complex business and organizational challenges, Joe will work with you to ensure the very best experience, including developing customized, relevant content that targets your particular needs and requirements.

Ultimately, it’s about inspiring growth and increasing vitality for your organization—and the people that comprise it.

Our most popular keynotes include:

  • Compete to Thrive™: It All Starts with Strategy
  • Increase Your Return on Leadership™ for Vitality, Growth, and Profit
  • Innovation Under Fire: Lessons from the Battlefield
  • Get Clear on Your Leadership Sight Picture
  • Commanding the Room: Leading with Presence
  • Building Your Stress Firewall: The Leader’s Defense Against Catastrophic
  • Leadership Failure
  • The Seven Malfunctions of an IT Senior Leader

Beyond these popular keynotes, Joe can deliver custom topics tailored to your specific requirements.

Rise to the challenge.

Joe is a phenomenal coach and advisor to leaders because he is a leader. Many coaches, consultants, and advisors have no more than academic experience with leadership, and lack the experience to know what it really takes to lead. Not Joe. His training and achievements with the United States Air Force have grounded him in true leadership principles.

Work with Joe

Joe is different. He gives others the space to think, to work through problems, to participate.

Work with Joe

The Leadership Forge team holds several coaching certifications.

Group 4
International Coach Federation (ICF) Certified Coach
CEC Certification Logo ACTP
The Center for Executive Coaching Certified Executive Coach
Graduate Certificate in Executive and Professional Coaching from the University of Texas at Dallas