The New Leader 101 Video Course

Learn what it takes to build your “three-legged stool” to serve as the foundation of your leadership approach. This foundation includes your motivation to lead, your own definition of leadership, and your leadership philosophy. Use the insight you gain to help you get out of the gate strong your first day on the job… and beyond.


  • Learn about the skills you will gain to become a great leader

Lesson 1: Why Do You Want to Be a Leader?

  • Explore what it means to be a leader
  • Discover your motivation to lead

Lesson 2: What’s Your Definition of Leadership?

  • Build your own definition of leadership

Lesson 3: What’s Your Leadership Philosophy?

  • See examples that might work for you
  • Develop your own leadership philosophy

Lesson 4: What to Do Your First Day on the Job

  • Step-by-step process to start off on the right foot
  • What your people want to know about you
  • How to make your first meeting a success
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