“Must-Dos” When Preparing to Lead Change


In this video, I discuss two things you need to consider to lead change, over and above developing a strategy, which are what I call intelligence preparation of the battlespace and operational preparation of the battlespace.

From a military perspective, intelligence preparation of the battlespace is gathering all the data on the problem that you’re trying to deal with or the adversary. In your case this would be your competition and the environment in which you operate so that you fully understand what’s happening in the environment.

You take that information and fold it into your strategy (a comprehensive picture of where you want to be—your point B). You then answer the key questions of strategy:

– Who are we?
– Where are we?
– Where do we want to go?
– How do we get there?
– Are we getting there?

Once you have your strategy, you move into the planning phase. I call this the operational preparation of the battlespace. In military parlance, it’s moving resources where they need to be, getting your logistics train going, deploying forces to deal with the battlespace, and orchestrating all the command control structures you need to do to ensure success and achieve your strategy.

So from a leading change standpoint, with intelligence preparation the battlespace, creation of the strategy, and operational preparation of the battle space, we’re setting the conditions for success. All are absolutely key—crucial—to leading change.

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